Welcome Dear Brothers and Sisters

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu, In the name of Allah, I pray everyone is well and finds this venture of posts beneficial to their every day understanding and views of the current events of today and the things applicable to our every day lives.  Most of us have a sincere desire to follow the truth however it may be overshadowed by incorrect or partial information we may receiver concerning a given issue.  It was the way of the prophets and the early muslims to speak about things concerning their current situation without neglecting the foundations of the religion.  Take for instance prophet Lut, the first thing he taught his people was that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, which was the dawah of every prophet, but after he criticized their evil sin of sodomy, he did not speak to them about financial dealing like prophet shuayb did of his people, nor did he speak to the people about anything that may not have been relevant to them.  It’s a common theme among people to get sensitive about things that they know they are doing wrong.  Like for instance in the west and unfortunately in most countries in the east this infection diseased system of riba is commonly practiced, however people don’t like to discuss this because they don’t want to hear that they are wrong concerning these issues.  The purpose of saying this is to encourage my fellow brothers and sisters to pay closer attention to those things relevant to our present situation, not the problems of other societies or previous societies.  The purpose of this Blog is to insha’allah come to the truth about issues using what the previous ulimah as well as the present day ulimah say concerning issues.  Because it is haraam for us to speak on an issue without having firm understanding of what we are discussing.   I pray that this blog is a source of understanding and guidance for us,  that we can come together and leave following personalities, come together and unite in following the truth.  May Allah make it easy for us and make us of the people who are sincere in their search for the truth.


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  1. Nice to see brothers steadfast in following the truth and not personalitie, I pray that your blog is successful in your mission

  2. wa alikoum assalam!
    looking forward to read some more in this blog!
    i am myself thinking about making one in the same direction.. let me know if u want some help!
    fi amani allah

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