What Have Our Scholars Said Concerning Jihad?

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu dear muslims, If you are like me someone insha’allah trying to follow the truth no matter where you may find it, then you know at times you must put in some effort like our previous ulimah would do.  Sometimes they would travel great distances in rough conditions in search of just one authentic hadith of the prophet(pbuh).  I find that with our current lifestyles we are unable or unwilling and in some cases both to make the sacrifice be it time, money or effort in order to research things that are relevant to the current day situation.  I pray that we find motivation in the near future of these things.  The most controversial issue of this day and age is that of Jihad.  However if you search there should really be no controversy, the position of the ulimah and the ayat and ahadith regarding jihad are very clear.  However unfortunately we have some current movements carrying a false banner of Islam that have somewhat tried to twist the wording of the ulimah and the ahadith of the prophet, we seek refuge in Allah from that.  What you will find below are some statements of our previous ulimah on issues that we may be faced with in every day life,  I pray that you find it as a means of benefit, wasalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.




 قال ابن حزم : قال تعالى (( فقاتل في سبيل الله لا تكلف إلا نفسك )) وهذا خطاب موجه إلى كل مسلم فكل أحد مأمور بالجهاد وإن لم يكن معه أحد ) [ 7/351 ]


Ibn Hazm said:: Allah said ( “ Then fight in the Cause of Allah, you are not held responsible except for yourself ” ) and this speech is directed towards every muslim so everyone is commanded to do jihad even if no one (not one person) is with him. (al-Muhallaa 7/351)


ذكر ابن قدامة شروط الجهاد يُفي المغني و لم يذكر منهم الامام، و قال (فَإِنْ عُدِمَ الْإِمَامُ ، لَمْ ؤَخَّرْ  و الْجِهَادُ ) المغني و الشرح الكبير


…and Ibn Qudaama mentions the conditions of jihaad and doesn’t mention an imaam/khalifa as one of them, and he said ( the lack of an imaam, does not postpone/delay jihaad) – al-mughnee. & ash-Sharh al-Kabeer.


و الامام ابن ابي العز الحنفي في شرح العقيدة الطحاوية قال ( اشتراط وجود الإمام سواء كان إماما عاما للمسلمين جميعا أو كان إماما لطائفة منهم من أجل الجهاد في سبيل الله لم يقل به عالم من أهل السنة والجماعة قط وإنما هو قول الرافضة الذين قالوا لا قتال إلا بظهور الرضى من آل محمد ) الطحاوية


and imaam ibn abi al’iz al-Hanafee in Sharh (explanation) of al-3aqeedatu at-Tahaawiyya says ( the condition of having an imaam, whether it is a general imaam for all the muslims or an imaam for only a group of them for the sake of Jihaad in the way of Allah, was not mentioned by any scholar of ahlusunnah wal jamaa’a before.  But rather it is only the saying of the Raafidha/Shi’a who said that there is no fighting until the appearance of ar-Ridhaa from Aal Muhammad (family of Muhammad)


 قال الماوردي: “فرض الجهاد على الكفاية يتولاه الإمام ما لم يتعين” — الاقناع


…and al-maawerdi said :: ( the obligation of jihaad on the community is upon (passed to) the imaam, as long as it is not individual/fardh 3ayn (yata3ayyan/fardh 3ayn) — al-Iqnaa’


فإن عدم الإمام أو ترك الجهاد أو خشي فوات مصلحة أو وقوع مفسدة أو تعين على طائفة لم يشترط إذنه بل يقيم المجاهدون أميرا منهم ويجاهدون معه ” الاقناع


“So if there is no imaam or he left jihaad… his (the imaam’s) permission is not required but rather the mujaahidoon should choose a leader from amongst themselves and fight in jihaad with him ( the new leader )” – al-Iqnaa3


وما تهذي به بعض الألسنـــة في هذه الأزمنة من أنه لا يجوز الجهاد لفقد الإمام وإذنه ، فكلمة أوحاها شيطان الجن إلى شيطان الإنس ، فقرها في إذنه ثم ألقاها على  لسانه في زخارف هذيانه ، إغواء للعباد وتثبيطا عن الجهاد

العلامة المهدي الوزاني – النوازل الكبرى الجزء الثالث.س


and what some tongues are deliriously uttering in this era, that jihad is not permissible because of a lack of an imam or his permission, is a word which was inspired/revealed from the devils amongst the jinn to the devils amongst the humans, so he repeated it in his ear and then put it on his tongue during decieving hillucinations, to mislead people (‘ibaad) and as a discouragement of jihad.

al-‘allaama al-mahdee al-waazini :: an-Nawaazil al-Kubraa pt. 3.


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